Global Warming is it our fault that our planet is dying or a natural course of existence

Need help with research paper for english class (APA style, 3-4 pages)

choose topic:

Global Warming – is it our fault that our planet is dying or a natural course of existance

Cryonics – is it worth it to disturb the body, to wait so long?

Autism, Myths and Realities – how to help parents with autistic children? tips, right schools, early treatments and support, preventing mistakes

Alzheimer’s Disease, how to care and support a relative suffering from AD

Smoking – A pleasure or a death sentence- although everyone knows the dangers of smoking, why do people continue buying cigarettes

Eye Surgery to improve your vision – How has this surgery improved since its beginnings? who is an ideal candidate for it?

Organ Trafficking – cases and outcomes; prevention and stats

Bullying – what makes a kid bully another one; what makes a kid want to commit suicide

Anorexia and Bulimia – is it related to self esteem, family issues or problem brought from birth

Child Pornography – in 2017 why does this still exist? Is it worst than before or it’s less, only that before cases were known of as easily

Human Trafficking – how to prevent it, avoid it and fight it

Euthanasia – is it killing or mercy

Future Moon Travels -should man continue to explore beyond Earth

NASA’s Latest Developments and Findings – what do they know that we don’t know? Should the general public know about Alien Investigations currently taking place among scholars in the world

Online Education vs Onsite Education – benefits and downfalls of both approaches

Keep in mind that the name of your topic is not the title of your essay.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your titles, as they are the soul of your writing; they are always needed.