Government and Economic Systems

In this week’s lecture you learned about some of the economic systems that are being used around the world today – communism, socialism, and capitalism. In this assignment you will choose a country to analyze in terms of how its economic system effects its citizens and its relationship to the rest of the world. For example, you may want analyze the relationship between communist USSR and the United States during the Cold War. Or, you may choose to analyze communist North Korea or socialist Sweden. Answer the questions below, or others that you think are particularly relevant: 1.What is the level of happiness among citizens, and how is that happiness (or unhappiness) related to the economic system? 2.How has the economic system affected – positively or negatively – the relationship of that country to the rest of the world? Is the country involved in any conflicts with other countries or do problems exist within the country? 3.How, if at all, can a country’s problems be attributed to their economic system? Use real-world examples and sociological concepts covered in this course to illustrate your position. Above all, your paper should clearly illustrate how the government and economic systems of a country is significant and relevant in terms of answering these kinds of questions. Requirements: •4 double-spaced pages (not including the cover or references pages), 12 point font, and APA format. •Reference at least two outside sources in addition to your textbook, and cite your sources appropriately.