Hamlet Assigment

2 Parts Assigment

PART 1: Discussion Part:

1.a) Answer the following pront with a minimun of 200 words (own words)

In Act 3, Scene 3, Hamlet has an opportunity to kill Claudius, but he does not act. One scene later, however, Hamlet does not hesitate at all when he kills Polonius in Gertrude’s chamber. Why is Hamlet able to act in Scene 4 but not in Scene 3? What does this tell readers and viewers about Hamlet’s character?

1.b) Answer to the following student discussion:(minimun of 150 words)

  • I think hamlet did not kill Claudius in that chance because he though that he would not have revenge if Claudius dies praying, because Claudius did not give the change to his father to pray before killing him, so if he kill Claudius in the time that he is praying Claudius would go to heaven but his father went to hell because it didn’t had the opportunity for praying

PART 2; answer each question of the document attached with own words, correctly and NO PLAGARISM or Ideas copy from Coursehero, studypool etc