HCS 457/490 Discussion

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HCS 457

  • The politicians seem to agree that health care is too expensive. However, some argue for greater regulation, while others argue for less. You ask yourself: What are the options for controlling costs and what are the consequences? 150-200 words
  • Members of the Smith family live in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They have the same inherited disease. The recommended treatment is quite similar in the three countries and can be delivered as part of primary care. How might the delivery of care and the payment for care differ among the three countries?150-200 Words
  • You wonder how the United States ranks globally in terms of the performance of its health care system. You are surprised when you find out that its ranking is not number one, or even near the top. Why is that? 150-200 words
  • (Ch.10) Identify roles that may be played by electronic medical records in improving the delivery of health care. 150-200 words

HCS 490

  • What in ethical business is good business? 150-200 words
  • How do marketers have an obligation to provide safe and functional products as part of their business activities? 150-200 words
  • Discuss how consumer behavior impacts directly on major public policy issues that confront our society.150-200 words
  • Discuss how consumer behavior can be harmful to individuals and to society. 150-200 words