he final paper, you will write a 6-8 page introduction to the text Unfettered

the final paper, you will write a 6-8 page introduction to the text Unfettered, addressing why the book is the ultimate fantasy novel. In this introduction, you will discuss how the editor, Shawn Speakman selected works that so skillfully incorporates so many of the fantasy tropes readers come to expect, highlighting a minimum of both 4 tropes and at least 4 of the works in the text. In addition, you are also free to pursue one single trope throughout the paper, addressing how the book highlights the most significant trope of fantasy. However, you do not merely want to say the authors use this trope here, here, and here.You want to present each of the tropes you discuss, provide textual evidence of the use of the trope (quotes from the text), and analyze how well the author(s) uses it to craft his or her story or forward the events along the plot line. If you are taking the first option, please make sure you discuss a minimum of four of the tropes we have been addressing this semester (please see the handout on Shared Files for the list). Potentially you may wish to use an element of a previously written paper, which is acceptable, as long as you go beyond just copying and pasting elements of those papers and have a significant portion of new material. In addition, if you wish to use other stories from the book that we have not discussed in class, that is fine, as long as you run those by me first.

Do not write a plot summary.Only, very briefly, summarize the elements of the story that you will directly address. Remember your audience is fantasy fans or those who want to read the book. Also, do not address standard literary conventions; all works of literature have plot, rising action, falling action, foreshadowing, symbolism and such.Only address the tropes of fantasy that we have been addressing all semester. Also do not give an author biography as that is not an element of a literary analysis or an introduction.

Do judiciously quote from the text and offer an analysis of the quote, including but not limited to how the quote represents the trope, how it proves the point you are making, what the individual author does well or not so well at that point, and the like. Do feel free to criticize some aspect of an author’s use of the trope as long as the majority of the paper is positive (no more that 25% negative.You are trying to encourage readers to buy the book!), and that you are not criticizing a trope he/she is not using. By that I mean you cannot say he does a poor job in his use of, hypothetically, fantasy races if there are none present. However, you can address if a missing element presents a weakness to the story.

Outside sources are not required, but you may use them.However, book reviews are not beneficial sources as all they do is give someone else’s opinion of the book and offer no real critical analysis. If you use outside sources, please make sure to do so in correct MLA format. Cite all quotes and paraphrases in text as well in MLA format. Please type Times New Roman 12, double spaced, 1” margins around, proper MLA format for page setup including title and header.