Healthcare Human Resources Discussion


Read the following:

HR Council. (n.d.). Getting the right people. Retrieved from

The article above discusses the importance of job descriptions and how they can be used to increase individuals and organizational effectiveness. In your discussion, discuss/answer the following:

  1. How can they simplify an Organization’s Human Resource Management?
  2. Discuss how you feel about job descriptions. Are they always accurate? Why or why not?

What is the purpose of “other duties as assigned”? What are the pros and cons of this statement? Expectations: 1 page, 3 cited sources from required reading.

Required Reading

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Optional Reading

Hawkes, C. L. & Weathington, B. L. (2014). Competency-based versus task-based job descriptions: Effects on applicant attraction. Journal of Behavioral & Applied Management. 15(3), 190-211.

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