HED553 Bethesda University of California Health Promotion Program Questions

1- Use the first few phases of PRECEDED-PROCEED by answering, in reference to the health promotion program discussed in your Rationale, questions #1-6 on page 98/99 of the text.

– What is the quality of life of those in the priority population?
– What are social conditions and perceptions shared by those in the priority population

-What are the social indicators (e.g., absenteeism, crime, discrimination, perfor- mance, welfare, etc.) in the priority population that reflect the social conditions and perceptions?

-Can the social conditions and perceptions be linked to health promotion? If so, how?

-What are the health problems associated with the social problems?

-Which health problem is most important to change?

2-Use the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) for your country and state at:

http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/ (Links to an external site.)

3. Review all the data on the left hand tab from Demographics to Access to Care. Eyeball the data and summarize the major trends.