Human Movement System Assessment, health and medical assignment help

I need some help to writing dissection Q about topic and i need it writing in one short paragraph plz and i have 3 dissections for my friend i need to writ comment for it

I need u to help me to writing dissection Q about topic:

On page 282 of Chapter 9 you will find a case study. Read the case and answer the three questions involved (the ones in blue). Once that is completed, comment on at least THREE of your classmates posts stating whether you agree or disagree with their assessments AND why or why not.

and this three comment of my classmates

1- I would educate Jennifer about human system movement assessments by telling her that movement assessments provide important information about her muscles and joint interplay. The assessment will show me any imbalances that she might have that may affect her workout results and possibly lead to injury.

I would explain the importance of these assessments to Jennifer by telling her that without these assessments she can sustain and injury, she may also further or worsen her current imbalances. So the assessments are important in order to address or correct any imbalances so that her training program will be safe and effective.

I would conduct the Overhead Squat Assessment, checking for the an excessive forward lean and whether her feet and knees move inward or outward. I would also conduct the pushing and pulling assessment looking for deviations in the lower back, shoulders, and head.

2-I would inform Jennifer of the importance of this added assessment by showing her, via powerpoint or by book, that being able to pinpoint dysfunctions in her movement will give me a better understanding of where to start her training, thus optimizing her workout experience.

I would also add that building on what she does well is also apart of the program, not just focusing on the negative. These assessments can show what muscles are weak or tight, thus giving us a better starting point and no wasted time.

I would first start with the overhead squatting assessment to show whether or not her knees move inward or outward, whether her back bows in, and whether her feet cave in or not.

3- beging her traing regimen annd has asked you what she should do to begin to copitalize on her motivaion . schefule meeting with her to discuss and conduct the necessry movement assesssment that are required before you can design a program that fits her specific need as you begin your assessmen of the human movment system she look con fused as to why you need even more informatoin beforenstarting a traing program.