Humanities Art project

humanities art project All details are included in the file below.

Assignment Description:

Now that you’ve developed an understanding of how various media work, it is time for you to employ media forms to express something for yourself. For this assignment, choose one of the media we’ve studied (or ancillary media like still photography or sculpture) and use it to say something about the world or to express something (a feeling, an intuition, a point-of-view). The art work can be or look like anything, really (although I ask that depictions of illegal activity or potentially obscene materials be discussed with your instructor beforehand).

Before beginning, though, give yourself time to think about the medium you’re working in and take a look at works where others have done similar work. Think about the strengths of your medium and what you can make it do and think about how those strengths play with and against your subject matter. Think about the small details of presentation that color the audience’s perception and understanding.

From there, it’s a matter of making craft meet intention, to take the medium you’ve chosen and playing on its strengths to present a strong, clear, aesthetic art project based on a predetermined, informed goal.

In addition to creating a work, you will also write a short art project write-up, which will be graded separately from the art project itself. In the write-up, you will write short responses on the following topics:

  • Explain, in general terms, your intentions with the work (what youthink it means/represents, how you went about making/doing thework)
  • Pick one work that either influenced you in making your art projector pick a work that’s comparable in its goals or execution. Compareand contrast that work to yours, explaining the similarities anddifferences between the projects.
  • Explain which specific aspects of your medium your work takesadvantage of. Why is it one medium and not another?

It might behoove you to consider these aspects of your artwork before actually making it.

Assignment Guidelines:

For the art project itself:

The art project will be assessed by two criteria, one technical, the other thematic.

To the technical end, grading will largely concern the project’s cohesion and complexity. That is to say, the project’s technical qualities will be assessed in how they either aid or detract from the piece’s overall meaning and aesthetic quality.

The other criterion, thematic, regards the piece’s depth, or the quality and clarity of its ideas. While works might be cryptic or unclear, they should have some order or evident goal in them. And while I will be generous and open-minded here, works here should have some inroads toward a determinable idea/point. You should use your write-up in order to clearly state these ideas and tie them to the visual/aural qualities of your artwork.

For the art project write-up:

The write-up must be between 900 and 1,200 words. It should utilize headers to distinguish between the three areas identified above and should feature well-written and polished prose.

The rubric for the write-up is as follows:

  • Components (50%)
    • Does the paper include all the necessary sections? Do the sections themselves contain everything they need to?
  • Clarity(40%)
    • Are the responses clear and organized, with graceful and clear movement between ideas?
  • Style(10%)
    • Is the prose continuing to work on the issues identified in prior graded assignments?