humanity Research Prep I, research about GIOTTO

please read my question very well before answer this question thanks

talk about GIOTTO in the research that is my topic

1.Identify and discuss significant writers, artists, musicians, and other thinkers and cultural leaders, as well as important works and ideas in the arts and sciences from ancient times to roughly the year 1500.
2.Identify works of art, music, literature, science, and philosophy that are significant in human history.
3.Discuss trends and movements that distinguish different historical periods.
4.Critically think about and write about the influence that the humanities have had on society.
5.Write a well-organized, fully documented paper analyzing a literary/artistic work or an intellectual/historical issue, synthesizing and assimilating professional research sources.
6.Use a word processor to create essays done according to a professional format such as MLA, APA, or Chicago style.
7.Use college research databases to find professional research sources.
8.Submit course work electronically as required.

NOTE: The prep assignments together will count as one grade (100 points), with 25 points for each prep. Each research paper counts three times–or about one-sixth of your total semester grade. Be sure to collect easy points by doing the prep assignments thoroughly and on time. Late penalty is five points per class day.

I will grade the Research Prep Assignments quickly. You need to read my comments and make any changes needed going forward. If your score is lower than 20 on any Prep assignment, you need to re-submit and let me know when you have done so, in order that I can go ahead and grade.