IGED 280 UDC Democracy in the US discussion


All written work must be typed, double-spaced with one inch margins, in twelve point font. Use of APA style for all writing assignments is required unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Please note that there will be an adjustment to this for Midterm Papers (PNT GUIDE). If you need assistance.

paper should have a cover page. The cover page has the title of the paper centered at the top of the page, in twelve point font. It also includes the student’s name and the name of the course.

All pages except the cover page should be numbered in a consistent manner. If the numbering is in the center it should be that way throughout the paper.

NO sources for any paper can be from the Internet. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source.

o There are two exceptions to this rule. Students can reference internet sites: 1. If the site itself is the subject of a paper, and/or 2. If the information gathered from the site cannot be found in printed form. Please note that it is almost impossible that students will ever come across information online that does not exist in written form.

onsists of a full five (7) pages in answer to A Research Question (TEXT CITATIONS/(AUTHORDATE) within the context of the PNT Guide. Bibliography inserted at the end of the paper. Books and Scholarly Publications must be used. Use the library resources.


Paper Requirements

Cover page (Your-Name/Paper Title: THE QUESTION/NAME OF PROFESSOR/Your Name/Course Title/CRN Number/Date/Pages must be numbered)

Abstract (5 sentences) the findings of your research paper. This is not an introduction of your research paper.

Table of Contents Is As Follows:


Background Info (It must be Text Citation/Author and Year)

Arguments For (It must be Text Citation/Author and Year)

Arguments Against (It must be Text Citation /Author and Year)


Policy Recommendation (s) (Policy is a set of ideas that address a particular issue

Personal Opinion


*Minimum of 10 references; No Wikipedia