Introduction to Politics: Exploring the Democratic Experience

Pick any book that you feel is related to political science courses.

Need it to be done in like 8 hours.

Question: For this assignment, students are to choose a book that they feel should be read in the context of this course and explain why it is worthy of our attention (official course title: Introduction to Politics: Exploring the Democratic Experience). The book must be related to the course content and can be a work of fiction or non-fiction but it cannot be a textbook or an e-book. In terms of fiction, this means that you can choose a novel, a play, or a book of poetry, etc., whereas for a work of non-fiction you are free to choose a memoir, a biography, an essay or any other book that, in your mind, fits well with the course. To complete this assignment, you must read the proposed book and you cannot use a book that you have read before or that you are reading for another course.


Your Required Reading Proposal must contain 4 elements:
(a) the complete bibliographic citation of the book (including number of pages);
(b) a summary of the contents of the book;
(c) a rationale that explains why the book should be used as a required reading;
(d) an evaluation of the book’s limits or shortcomings and why, despite such limits or shortcomings, you feel the book should be read in POLS 1000.
Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and contain between 500-750 words, not including the title page (please indicate the name of your TA).

The referencing style is open but please do not invent a new one.

You cannot use any Internet sources.

The Zero Tolerance Policy regarding plagiarism and academic fraud will be applied.