Late Adulthood and Dying

1. What is Alzheimer’s disease? Who is most at risk for getting the disease? Run a search on turmeric and its effects on Alzheimer’s disease. What does it say? What are other possible contributing factors to Alzheimer’s disease? How can someone reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s?

2. Research centenarians. What characteristics do centenarians have in common (i.e., active/passive lifestyles, eating habits, smoking, drinking, personality…)?

3, Interview an older person. Compare his/her life with the information from the book.

4, Write your eulogy. (What someone might say about you at your funeral). If there is something you might like to change in your life at this time, what would it be and how would you change it? How would you want your funeral to be?

5, Discuss Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s Stages of Grieving

6, Typically how does a ____________deal with the loss of a loved one?

  1. Child
  2. Adolescent
  3. Adult – who has lost a child
  4. An older person who lost a partner