Level Of Analysis Research paper

For this assignment you will write a 7 Page Research Paper,12 font times roman, citation MLA Style, references, no plagerism.

1. Your topic should be on the Cold War, which has an international event between multiple countries. and apply one of the levels of analysis to that event.

2. You need to be sure that you have an opening paragraph and a thesis statement.

3. Although there will obviously be a portion of the paper describing the event, your focus should be on how your chosen level explains that event. Your focus should be on explanation, not history.

4. You do not need to apply every explanation at the level of your choice. For example, if you choose the domestic level, you do not need to discuss Regime Types, Political Parties, Interest Groups, Public Opinion, Ideology, etc. Pick one, two or even three that best explain your event and focus on it/them.

7. You must properly cite your sources. Please remember that it is not just direct quotes that must be cited. Even if you paraphrase, you must give credit to the author.

8. It is important that you use legitimate, scholarly sources. Do not write your paper using all articles from newspapers, news magazines, or web pages. Your paper needs to be based on scholarly analysis of your topic. Thus, you need to use articles from scholarly journals and/or books. You should have at least five (5) scholarly sources.

9. Remember that most web pages are not scholarly in nature. You can access scholarly sources from the web (via the library), but be very careful what websites you use. Do not, under any circumstances, use Wikipedia.

10. Please be sure to number the pages of your paper.

11. Be sure to label the cover page

Master Muhammad

Dr. Bozonelos

POLS 110

October 18,2017