lk44 Dade Medical College Asthma Disease Management Plan Presentation

Create a power point with notes to elaborate. I will edit in my video, that needs to last 10 to 15 min presentation.

incorporate the use of short acting and long acting bronchodialators and antimuscarinics long and short acting meds, and inhale corticosteroids, Also participation of weekly or monthly educational support groups. adherence to treatments, the use of the peak flow and group visits. see attachment if helpfull.

Develop a disease management plan of care for a patient with Asthma. act as though you are teaching the patient and their family. Develop a video presentation that outlines their plan of care for the patient. This should include elements learned from the courses as well as information found in the literature. Students will be presenting this from the perspective as they are part of the larger inter-professional team and have been asked to educate the patient and their family. The student should outline all areas of disease management for the patient and specifically focus on the role of the respiratory therapist in this. Must have a minimum of 3 references to support the information used to develop the disease management plan of care. You must cite and reference using APA style.

Please type your references in a Word document

Create a power point with Notes