McAlister’s Deli Expansion to China discussion

You are the marketing director of a fast food restaurant. Your company is expanding overseas and you have been asked to study the culture and customs of that country to determine how to best serve the population.

Your instructor will assign your teammates, the country and the fast food restaurant. Start the paper with a paragraph of the history of the country and a history of the fast food restaurant.

  1. Discuss key concerns about being successful in the country.
  2. What kinds of things are important to know?
  3. How might the country’s views on Human Resources affect the opening and operations of your fast food restaurant?Each team member should be assigned questions they are to answer. Each team member must use a minimum of three scholarly resources (if there are three team members, there should be a minimum of nine resources). The paper must include a title page that includes the title of the paper (country and the fast food restaurant) and then the name of each team member. The paper may then be written in a question and answer format. Each student must write a minimum of 250 words to explain the questions they answered. Each section should include the name of the teammate who wrote that section. A team captain will be named. That team captain is responsible for the title page and the reference page, and then for handing the paper into the appropriate drop box. The team captain is NOT expected to rewrite any of the sections prepared by the team members. Prior to the end of the learning plan the instructor will email grading sheets to each student. The student must grade themselves, as well as each team member on the assignment, and then turn the grading sheet into the assignment’s drop box by the end of LP4. Failure to turn in the grading sheet will cost the student points. Submit this all parts of this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP4.1 Assignment: Fast Food on Foreign Soil. This assignment is worth 30 points.