Memo Essay #2: Basic Essay Structure

Memo Essay #2: Basic Essay Structure

This should be a simple assignment, and, as students, it’s something you should do on your own—willingly, excitedly. That’s summarizing your class lessons. So, for this memo essay, simply summarize the lesson on basic essay structure; but summarize it using basic essay

structure. Summarizing your lessons soon after each class will help you retain information and increase your grades and interest in school. Unfortunately, most students won’t write summaries of their lessons unless they are forced. So this is me forcing you to do what you should be doing to make the most of your time in college. All you must do is follow these written instructions:

Single-space the memo essay.

Length: 1 page, 5Paragraphs.

Set margins for 1.13” all around.

Set paragraph spacing with no extra space before or after paragraphs.

Paragraphs must run 4-6lines each.

Limit topic sentences to one line across the page—maximum.

Separate memo paragraphs by one single space.

Do not indent memo paragraphs.

Do not use any form of the word you.

Do not use verbs in the command/imperative form.

Use 12-point Times New Roman font.

Edit & revise carefully –Proofread!

Follow all grammar rules as discussed in the Module 1Lesson.

Include a single-spaced memo headingat the topleftof your essay

(see below).

Skip two single spaces after the memo heading; bold and center your essay’s title.

Do not use all-caps for your title; capitalize appropriately.

Skip one single space after the title, then begin the first memo paragraph.

Follow all memo guidelines as explained in the class syllabus.

Model your memo format on the attached example.

Begin the name of your HW files with your last name –e.g., Rubin ME#2.

Submit your HW as.docx file. Due Date The final draft of this five-paragraph essay must be submitted by the end of Sunday,February4.

Follow the format of this visual model:

To:Jay Rubin

From:Your Name: 1A Online

Date:4 February 2018

Re:Memo Essay# 2

Your Appropriate Title