middle passage

Please read the questions, below, before the assigned reading. While reading the assigned reading, search for the answers to the questions below.

1. How did European and African policies and beliefs regarding slavery differ over time during the Atlantic slave trade? What factors contributed to these differences?

2. Trace the life of a West African slave through the major turning points of the Atlantic slave trade starting with capture in Africa. What stages would a typical slave experience as he or she awaited shipment to the colonies of the Americas?

3. Discuss the concept of “cruelty” as it applied to the treatment of African slaves during the Middle Passage segment of the Atlantic slave trade. Is it possible to use modern moral arguments to understand European and African participation in the Atlantic slave trade?

4. How did the Atlantic slave trade end? What major political figures were involved in the process?

Why did slavery continue in the Americas into the mid-1800s?