Navarro College Changes or Developments of Two Major Characters

Write an essay comparing the changes or developments of two major characters among the stories we have read so far. You might deal with issues such as what the characters are like at the beginning and whether/how they change; what conflicts they confront, deal with, or avoid; what qualities are brought out that signal the characters’ changes or developments; and so on.(*Storie: The lottery, A rose for Emily, The jury of her peers, This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona, The big dog and A bullet in the brain)

This essay must be a minimum of six paragraphs (two pages), typed, double-spaced, and MLA style. Be sure to spell and grammar check. The first COMPLETE draft is due Thursday, 2/21. Bring TWO copies of your draft to class peer editing. The final, revised essay is due Thursday, 2/28, at the BEGINNING of class.