network design for an organization

create a network design for a fictitious organization. Each week, you will be completing a part of the assignment based on the content covered in the week. You will do this by adding new content to the assignment document every week to arrive at the final design.


Dreamz Inc. develops software and learning solutions for clients worldwide. The main office of the organization is located on six floors of a building in Chicago where hundred users occupy each floor. While the first floor houses the corporate office, the other floors house the administrative, finance, human resources (HR), engineering, marketing, information technology (IT), and research departments. All users need e-mail, file and print, and Internet services.

To provide these services, the organization has ten servers that are used as LAN, proxy, and database servers. The users in the finance and HR departments require sufficient bandwidth and access applications from an Oracle server. This server is accessible only to users in the finance and HR departments; and these users can also access the server from the Internet. Dreamz Inc. is also connected to the Internet from the same network and has web and e-mail servers hosted for Internet access.

With expanding business, Dreamz Inc. has setup three branch offices in St. Louis, Detroit, and New Jersey. These three branch offices need to be connected to the main office and other branch offices. A fourth office at San Francisco comprises a network of five users and requires a single Internet connection.


As the network manager for the organization, you need to design the networks for connecting various branches of the organization.

You also need to study the requirements of each branch of the organization. In addition, you need to ensure that the network uptime is 99% with a downtime of not more than five hours.

Having read and understood the scenario, complete the following task and post a 1- to 2-page report using Microsoft Word to document your work:

  • Recommend a network model and give reasons for your selection.

  • Support your work with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.