Nova Community College Deadly Choices at Memorial Article Essay

I need help with writing and essay. This is for writing for science class.

Sheri Fink’s essay describes a situation that developed during 2005’s hurricane Katrina, which sparked a national debate and new federal legislation.

It is impossible to read the essay without forming opinions about the dilemmas.

For this reason, besides practicing our expository essay skills in the context of scientific writing style, we will also present the essay as a position paper


Fink’s essay presents several issues. Choose only one for your assignment.

Guidelines for Position Papers

In addition to following the basic guidelines and organization for an expository essay, present each position (side) of a specific issue by doing the following:

1.Evidence should be provided for each position so that the reader can make their own decision

2. Each position should be one that can be supported in a logical, fact-based manner

3. It is important to present the different positions in an unbiased, balanced manner

4. In this case, balanced means to devote approximately equal proportions of your essay to each position

5. Aim to write approximately five paragraphs, over two pages

6. Give your own opinion in the final paragraph


Pechenik: Abstracts p150 & 202


Sherri Fink’s

Deadly Decisions at Memorial…

Here is the book where guideline of wiring science paper