NUR412 Utica College Trends Affecting Healthcare Delivery Today Research

Conduct an internet search focused on current trends affecting healthcare delivery today. Using a minimum of three (3) scholarly resources less than 5 years, describe how two of these trends directly affect patient outcomes. Conduct an internet research focused on current on 2 trends affecting healthcare delivery today.

Please respond to the following prompt in a substantive, well-formulated and constructed initial post. Please use evidence from the literature to corroborate your analysis. Each paragraph should follow the MEAL plan. The MEAL plan is a tool designed to assist in paragraph building and aligns with APA guidelines. M stands for Main idea (to be presented at the beginning of your paragraph), E stands for evidence (this is found in the literature, experiences, interviews, media etc.), A stands for Analysis (which pertains to your interpretation of findings as these relate to the topic or main idea presented), and L stands for Link to the following paragraph (usually in the form on a sentence introducing the topic of the following paragraph).