paper work

Hello there,

i need to do this work below and please read the instructions carefully:

( Part THREE: Tertiary Source Verification
1. Study the relevant articles for one of your sources from both Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica Online from the previous assignment.
2. Compare and contrast the information about ONE (1) source from both encyclopedias. In particular, for that ONE (1) source or its author, select at least three (3) facts verified by both the Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia of information that is important to understanding. Each selection should be between five (5) and thirty (30) words long. For more information, see the page on sources.
3. Write each fact clearly in you own words followed by a clearly labeled direct quotation (using “quotation” marks!) from both the Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia. For a sample of how it should look, click here.
This assignment will be evaluated on how well you select relevant facts and substantiate those with information from the tertiary sources.
4. Submit your assignment at the beginning of class on the date listed in the schedule, in the proper presentation format of of (1) a title page followed by; (2) your three numbered paraphrases and direct quotes, and; (3) printouts of ONLY those pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica and from Wikipedia showing the three chosen passages (clearly identified by underlining, boxing, or highlighting and numbers (1, 2, or 3) connecting them to the paraphrases) )

thank you.