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The DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) is a practice doctorate that places greater emphasis on direct clinical practice. The curriculum focuses on organizational management, systems leadership, clinical-practice administration, quality improvement and program evaluation, in addition to other specialty areas, and less on statistics and research methodology. PhD (Doctor of philosophy) is more research-intensive and takes a scholarly approach to nursing. The curriculum for these degrees focuses on scientific inquiry and provides the evidence for nursing practice, as well as improving general nursing knowledge. DNP-prepared nurses develop the skills necessary to implement the scientific findings conducted by nurse researchers with a PhD or DNS. Graduates develop competencies in analytical methods, decision-making, enhanced knowledge and leadership skills to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes. PhD and DNS programs focus heavily on research methodology and scientific investigation. Graduates of these programs contribute to the improvement of healthcare by offering new information for practicing nurses. DNP programs have become the preferred preparation for advanced practice nurses, including nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives or nurse anesthetists. Meanwhile, graduates of DNS and PhD programs pursue alternate paths within the field of nursing, commonly seeking roles as researchers, nurse scientists or scholars. I would choose DNP if I decided to further my studies. Nurses have frequently work alongside other healthcare professionals with practice doctorates – physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists and more. The DNP provides nurses with a clinical option for nursing education that is more proportionate to the education of these disciplines. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the DNP prepares nurses for the future-tomorrow’s practice. If you are interested in leading these changes, a DNP degree can help you assume key executive positions as a nurse leader.


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