paragraph Exercise

English 102Paragraph Exercise #

1Write a paragraph using the topic sentence your group came up with when completing ENGL 102 Worksheet: Analyzing Sources. If you don’t like the sentence your group wrote, you may write your own. Use source material (quotes, summaries, or paraphrases) from your reading to support your point. Remember to introduce and explain each piece of source material, and make sure that your paragraph is balancedbetween your own words and ideas and the ideas of your source. You must use in-text citations for all source material, but you do not need to write a Works Cited sheet for this assignment.To be successful, you must:Write a strong, focused topic sentence.Support your point using material from your reading.Include an MLA-style parenthetical citation(in-text citation)for each quote, summary, or paraphrase.Introduce and explain each piece of source material.Check the balance of your writing –NO MORE than 50% of the material should come from your source.