Personal protective equipment

Please read the attached PPE Policy template closely. You will observe 2 tasks (and PPE) during viewing the accompanying video on a car painting operation.

  • Please complete and submit the Certification of PPE Hazard Assessment form, found in the attachment, for one (1) task you observed..
  • You must now train the employees in the proper use of PPE. Please submit a .docx document addressing, at a minimum, each of the following training requirements for your task that requires PPE:
  1. when PPE is necessary
  2. what PPE is necessary for the process the employee operates
  3. how to properly put on, take off, adjust and wear PPE
  4. the limitations of the PPE
  5. how to determine if PPE is no longer effective or is damaged
  6. how to get replacement PPE
  7. how to properly care for, maintain, store and dispose of PPE.

You may use bullets, but please remember to write professionally, as if this information is going in a company-wide policy.

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