Philosophy and Leisure Discussion Board Response

This week we have been looking at the connection between philosophy and leisure. While connecting these two areas might seem a bit strange at first, throughout history philosophers have constantly made it a point to connect the two areas. For this discussion board I want you to think about the five areas of philosophy we looked in the readings and in class. In your opinion, which area do you think is most important for your area of interest and more specifically where you would like to work when you graduate from . Remember, to earn full points, you need to not only identify the the philosophical area, but demonstrate you understand this area of philosophy and make a strong connection to your area of interest and the specific job you are interested in.

Remember, you need to reply to two of your classmates’ posts for full credit. Original posts should be in depth and at least three sentences. Responses to your classmates along the lines of just writing “I agree with you” will have points deducted from their response scores. ( Will post the other classmates response once you get the original post done)

* I am not quit sure where I want to work after I graduate. But probably in Human resource department ( because it is my major)

* The five areas of philosophy are : There are five areas of philosophy. They include Metaphysics, ethics, logic, Epistemology, and Aesthetics.

* My main area after graduating is in tourism. The best branch of philosophy that fits in this particular area is ethic philosophy.

* use only the assigned readings as the References without adding other sources