Philosophy arguments

You can select two questions but answering in essay format, including readings/topics done in this course. Please be clear and concise when supporting your view. I have attached a file containing the structure of the course. We did readings from hume, swineburne, samuel clarke, anslem, christine overall, hicke, rowe, murray, basinger, alston, and zagzebski. I will attach the exact readings if someone bids on it. I will adjust the budget as well but please be reasonable as I am just a student. I was just unsure of how long it would take so I put a random number.

Select TWO questions and answer them in essay format. EACH question should be answered in 750 words:

(1) Choose a position you agree with the most: Atheism or Theism? From there, develop a strong argument for the other side. Why is that argument still inadequate?

(2) Suppose you are an atheist, in what ways of being religious remain open to you – ways that might be rational even if theistic belief is not?

(3) Develop what you regard as the main problem facing a traditional religious believer given the facts of religious diversity. Explain how to religious experience might be made in an attempt to solve this problem. Does the appeal succeed? consider at least 2 objections to such an appeal in the course of developing your answer.