Plan Development Draft

Students are to create a business plan, either real or fictitious, and address all of the assignment criteria.

Develop a business plan (six to eight pages, excluding title page, abstract, and appendices). The plan may be for a facility, program, or service. Use articles and websites pertaining to developing business plans. Plan elements must include the following:

1. Brief description of the project (must have instructor approval)

2. History and/or rationale (including industry trend data as appropriate)

3. Market analysis (including competition)

4. Goals and outcomes (relationship to strategic focus)

5. Structure (including alliances, contractual relationships, etc.)

6. Financial data overview (projections, break-even analysis, etc.)

7. Personnel/staffing (including provider relationships as appropriate)

8. Implementation schedule

9. Evaluation criteria and/or monitoring plan

Prepare according to APA guidelines. An abstract is not required.