Policy Analysis on long wait times for patients to get access to care appointments

Policy Analysis on long wait times for patients to get an access to care appointment

The ultimate product of a policy analysis is a recommendation to a specific client about how to address a problem. However, a policy analysis has several other purposes as well. It provides general information necessary to understand the problem at hand and may be an important tool to inform stakeholders about a policy problem. In addition, the analysis may be a vehicle for widespread dissemination of ideas and arguments.


Conduct a policy analysis on a healthcare related issue regarding long wait times for a patient to get an access to care appointment due to shortage of providers. The ultimate goal is to come up with the best recommendation to address the issue.

PAPER NEEDS TO BE: 7 to 8 pages in length (APA). To include all of the following: An Introduction, Problem Statement, Background, Landscape, Options, Recommendation, and Conclusion

You will use the following format for your paper:


1. Problem Statement

Is my problem statement one sentence in the form of a question?

Can I identify the focus of my problem statement?

Can I identify several options for solving the problem?

2. Background

Does my background include all necessary factual information?

Have I eliminated information that is not directly relevant to the analysis?

Is the tone of my background appropriate?

3. Landscape

Does the landscape identify all of the key stakeholders?

Are the stakeholders’ views described clearly and accurately?

Is the structure of the landscape consistent and easy to follow?

Is the tone of the landscape appropriate?

Does the reader have all the information necessary to assess the options?

4. Options

Do my options directly address the issue identified in the problem statement?

Do I assess the pros and cons of each option?

Did I apply all of the criteria to each option’s assessment?

Are the options sufficiently different from each other to give the client a real choice?

Are all of the options within the power of my client?

5. Recommendation

Is my recommendation one of the options assessed?

Did I recommend only one of my options?

Did I explain why this recommendation is the best option, despite its flaws?


Make sure that your paragraphs answer all the questions under each heading.