Political Science Assignment Essay Islamophobia & AntiMuslim Sentiment

Paper One Assignment for Book title: “Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Sentiment”

Gottschalk and Greenberg’s Book Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Sentiment highlights some of the reasons why Islamophobia has been on the rise and why it is a threat to not only Muslims but also every other religious and ethnic community in America.

The first paper covers the Introduction + the first four chapters of this book. Please write two pages per unit for a total of ten pages highlighting the following: What is the main point and what did you find most interesting and why.

The paper should be in 12 fonts, double spaced with normal one-inch margins. Please make sure your name and class are on the front page, number and staple your pages.

Important Note: Please use all the space you have to engage the material; do not play with the paragraph spacing, fonts or margins to get away with writing less. Also make sure you engage each unit with two pages. If you engage the material by cutting down on what you write this will impact your grade significantly as it will demonstrate that you did not put the effort or the thinking into this paper assignment.