Pricing Taco Bell Case study Video Questions

Please watch This video and answer the questions. I have an answer of a similar case study attached, I need the answers to be like that one.

  1. What is the basic customer need provided by Taco Bell?
  2. What is the key situation faced by Taco Bell?
  3. List Taco Bell’s main strengths (consumer view)
  4. List Taco Bell’s main weaknesses (consumer view)
  5. List Taco Bell’s main opportunities
  6. List Taco Bell’s main threats
  7. State their central marketing objective (must synch with # 2)
  8. Describe the typical customer purchasing behavior (Choose one : Impulse, Habitual, Limited or Extended)
  9. Make one value creation recommendation (must synch with # 2)
  10. Make one value capture recommendation (must synch with # 2)