Princeton Group Observation paper

Observation Papers

In order to better understand the group process, each student will be assigned observation assignments. A student has the option of observing an actual group either in person, on social media, (YouTube, DVD) video, or via a television broadcast. Each student will be required to observe one of the following groups:

infant (< 1 year)

toddler (between 1 to 2 years)

Children (before puberty)

Adults (26-40)

Middle aged person( 40-60)

  • Seniors (61 and greater)

Answer the following questions in detail, in paragraph format and in the following order:

1. What seems to be the theme of discussion?

2. What kind of group is it? explain (i.e. task, psycho educational, counseling, or psychotherapy)

3. Describe the group members. (verbal & nonverbal cues, appearance, affect, function within

the group)

4. What seems to be the group’s purpose (goal of the group) and how is the group functioning (progress, moving forward)?

5. How is the group functioning? Explain the member to member interaction.

6. What stage of development is the group operating in? Give evidence. (i.e., initial, transition, working,


7. Describe the leader’s role and/or co-leader’s role.

8. Define the zeitgeist, vicissitudes of life, culture, class, and racial demographic that may impact the group.

9. What is your overall impression?