PSY-832 Week 8 DQ 2 response to classmate Tanya

Please provide a 250 word response to the below question using at least 1 cited article or journal and please reference in APA 6th edition format. Reference needs to be within response and at the end

I focused most of the literature review on African American women leadership skills. There were some articles that discussed African American women leadership within the workplace. The first article discussed how African American women shifted to a more spiritual in organizations. The perception of African American women leadership focuses on the shifts to spirituality in organizations creating passages through stained glass ceiling (Christo-Baker et. Al, 2012). This article was very interesting on how African American women cultivated and instilled their spirituality in their everyday life at work. This will help my research in understanding the coping mechanisms when African American women are faced with obstacles. The next article deals with the definition of leader and how leadership theories are developed amongst African American women. Human resource development expands theoretical foundations to include phenomenon models of leadership for professional development (Byrd, 2008). This article will be helpful to evaluate whether there are programs in place in organizations that will help develop African American women. The next article discusses the lived experience of African American women in corporate leadership that experience microaggressions in the workplace. African American women encounter serious challenges that limits growth and career advancement (Holder et al., 2015). This article will give me insight on the lived experience of African American women in corporate American and the limitations that they face.