PSY173 Murdoch TJA Statistics Questions And Analysis Help

Have some Statistics calculation, please bid only if you know how to do it. Please answer A to L in the attached. Short questions only.

A community living close to an industrial area has raised concerns about contaminants from industry causing health problems in local families.Based on current research, the public health guidelines state that children should not have blood lead levels above 10 micrograms per decilitre, because elevated lead levels may cause long-term cognitive impairment.As part of the investigation, parents of all children in the 2- to 6-year-old age range who live within a 10km radius of the industrial area are contacted and strongly encouraged to have their children assessed.Lead levels in the children’s blood of are measured.Blood samples are taken by a qualified phlebotomist at children’s homes.A psychologist is employed to assess the children’s level of cognitive development.Each child is assessed individually at the psychologist’s office, using a standardised developmental scale.For each child, their attained score is compared to the score expected for children their age (in years and months), based on norms for the test gathered on a nationally representative sample of 200 children per age group in 2009.A discrepancy score is calculated, which indicates how many months ahead of, or behind, the developmental norm for their age each child is.Positive scores indicate being ahead of same-age peers.Negative scores indicate developmental delay.The table below shows the lead levels (in mg/dL) of the 20 children tested and their developmental discrepancy scores (in months).

For statistical calculations, please round your final answers to two (2) decimal places.