Quest Diagnosis Call Center Company Management Case Study

For Content Discussion #2, complete the readings for weeks 3 & 4 and the Quest Diagnosis Case. Then share your perspective about the company: Include in your response the structure of the organization. Select two (2) of the questions listed below and cite at least one (1) scholarly, peer referred article that supports your response (APA Style).

  1. The case identifies several aspects of the Quest response that were particularly beneficial. Expand on the points made in the case to identify the potential costs and benefits of these actions.
  2. What else could Quest have done to prepare for and respond to the disaster? Try to articulate the costs and benefits of your suggestions.
  3. What could Quest have done to assess the risk of disruption in their supply chain?
  4. How did Quest’s product line strategy help or hurt its ability to respond to and recover from the disaster?
  5. How will the operational changes that were announced affect Quest’s exposure to future disruptions? How will it affect its steady-state operations? What trade-offs is management making and why?
  6. What internal structural changes, if any, do you think would help the organization to be more successful as it continues to recover?