Rangeland Soc-Econ-Ecological Systems Diagram

This week’s module introduces you to CHANS/SES and a general framework of rangeland economics, all of which you are are going to layer into your systems diagram from Week 2. The intent of this assignment is for you to deepen your understanding of how social and economic aspects are connected to and influence ecology… and how ecology influences social and economic aspects.

To complete this assignment pull out your systems diagram from Week 2. Review any feedback I gave you and adjust accordingly. then work in social and economic aspects. Now, understand that there are probably hundreds of social and economic considerations, but you just need to illustrate to me that you understand the concepts conveyed in the readings, so adding at least 5 social considerations AND 5 economic considerations to the diagram should suffice.

When you are identifying social and economic considerations think about:

  • human land uses (grazing, recreation, mineral extraction, urbanization… the disturbances we’ve covered)
  • ecosystem goods and services
  • issues such as overpopulation of wild horses, climate change, T&E species, etc.

*Attached as “System Diagram” is the diagram that needs to have the requirements added to it.

*Here is the feedback given from the System Diagram stated in the directions: ” it would be stronger if there were context of the interactions and controls. there are no feedback loops and not mention of ESGS.”

*The two other attachemnts are readings to help understand what is required.