Rasmussen College Diversity: Communication in Healthcare

  1. Research how diversity plays an important role in healthcare and how proper communication techniques facilitate teamwork, increase productivity, and help offer better patient care in a healthcare setting. Use a minimum of 3 credible sources* in your research and include a variety of resources, such as scholarly journal articles, magazines, newspapers, or web resources. Two of your resources must be academic/scholarly resources, such as a book or an academic scholarly journal. Academic scholarly journals can be accessed through the Rasmussen Online Library. Cite these resources throughout your summary and include a reference page. Use proper APA formatting for your citations and references. For help with formatting your references and citations, see the APA guide.
  1. In a minimum of 3 pages (excluding the reference page), include the following information to assist new employees in understanding effective communication methods and the importance of diversity within a healthcare team:
    • Communication
      • Communication and Productivity: Explain how communication can increase productivity.
      • Communication and Morale: Explain how good and bad communication can affect morale.
      • Overcoming Communication Barriers in the Workplace: Identify the biggest communication barrier a Medical Assistant can face with a coworker that would hinder patient care. Explain ways to overcome that barrier. Choose the best method for the situation and explain why this method is best.
    • Teamwork
      • Teamwork Communication Strategies: Describe teamwork communication strategies.
      • Assisting Coworkers: Name at least 5 tasks that coworkers can do for each other to help the daily practice run smoothly.
    • Diversity and Teamwork
      • Importance of Awareness of and Respect for Diversity: Explain why it is important for Medical Assistants to be aware and respectful of diversity in a healthcare setting.
      • Incorporating Diverse Practice Methods: Explain how to incorporate diverse practice methods and ideas between coworkers while remaining respectful of their work practices and mindful of the goal of providing effective and efficient patient care.
      • Tailoring Communication: Describe how Medical Assistants may have to tailor their communication in working with professionals of various titles, such as physicians, peers, and receptionists.