RE: SOCW6051 – Discussion Response to 2 students

Respond to at least two colleagues who visited a different site and note similarities and differences between what you had learned and what your colleagues had shared about steps for becoming an ally to that group. Explain the impact of what your colleagues shared in their post and to include Veronica case study information which is provided.

Response from Rashel

The website i visited is an anti human trafficking organization known as National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRS). It is an organization that serves as a resource center and hotline for human trafficking victims and survivors. The organization brings together the anti-human trafficking community, providing critical support and services to survivors through the website, to help find safety and get the necessary help they need. The website allows for victims and the community to report any related crime in confidentiality. It assists other sister organizationsby giving them technical assistance, providing capacity building support and training their employees.

Incorporating the information i have found, i will seek to have an understanding of the needs of Veronica as a human trafficking survivor. I would identify her strengths, including her faith in God and the fact that she was smart enough to secretly call her mother to report what her aunt was doing to her. This will help explore assistance options that may be available for Veronica. I will use the skill of cultural competence while dealing with Veronica, to encourage her to open up to me about her feelings. I would also employ the victim-centered interventions to help her identify options that can help in her healing process, ensure safety and maintain confidentiality. I would advocate for for Veronica by contacting local or national anti-human trafficking organizations to determine how they can assist with fighting for her rights, ensure her safety, housing, justice, employment if possible, and a permanent stay with her mother.

I can increase my awareness of this issue and teach others about human trafficking victims by advocating for this topic to be introduced and taught in schools and different groups, like religious groups, businesses, and cultural groups in the community. I will need to involve and educate community-based organizations, religious leaders and every conscientious individual to be ready to identify these victims and help report to the authorities. We need to ensure that the laws that have been made to protect human trafficking victims are enforced and law enforcement officials receive training to comprehend and prosecute the perpetrators of this crime.

Steps i could take to begin to support this group will include helping to find agencies that are responsible for helping domestic and international victims or human trafficking by allocating resources for service delivery once the victims have been identified. I will support the victims and educate them to understand how and where to access appropriate options that will help in their healing process. I will provide a safe contact system, ensure confidentiality, work together with them to come up with safe goals, as well as contact state and federal agencies to support them with housing and employment where applicable.


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Response to Terena

Good Morning Class,

The website I viewed was, The State of Michigan Attorney General, Michigan Human Trafficking Commission. The Human Trafficking Commission is “dedicated to bringing attention to and eradicating this modern-day form of slavery” (Schuete, 2017). The human trafficking committee includes the law enforcement, circuit judge, victim services advocates, representatives from state departments and Governor Snyder’s office (Schuete, 2017). They also worked with Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland County Medical Societies for the development of an expanded Human Trafficking video for medical professionals. One of their main goals is to review state laws and policies that relate to human trafficking and requesting changes if necessary (Schuete, 2017).

In the case of Veronica I would definitely want to make sure that she is getting the services she needs. according to the Human Trafficking Commission, Veronica needs to have state laws and policies that will protect her and allow her to receive the services she needs (Schuete, 2017). Making sure that their are grants and sources available to assist in examining and countering human trafficking in her state. Veronica has been through a lot at such a young age. As a social worker, I must try to empower her and help her to realize her own self worth. Veronica was forced to prostitute and take drugs at the age of 12 by her aunt in order to help pay their bills (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). She was never really given an opportunity to be a child. As the social worker I must help Veronica deal with all of the things that may be holding her back. Veronica has had to deal with sexual abuse and her body being violated. It is also important to make sure Veronica understands that it is not her fault. Sometimes victims of sexual abuse blame themselves for what is happening with them.

I have being hearing about sex trafficking but I never really took a close look at it. Having to do this assignment caused me to take a closer look at the people and the affects human sex trafficking is having on them. I would like to advocate and bring awareness about sex trafficking and how it seems to be getting closer and closer to home. I would also provide information and trainings to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Sex traffickers search for places to go where they can find vulnerable victims to target. As a social worker, I would like to find a group for Veronica to attend in order to be around people that have some of the same experiences. It is important for Veronica to know that she is not alone and that other people really understand her. In order to be a ally for sex trafficking victims I must be willing to put myself in their shoes and understand them. I must also being willing to work first hand with other individuals who are interesting in working towards making a difference in sex trafficking and their victims. I would like to help train individuals on how to work with sex trafficking victims because it is important for us to know how to approach them.


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