Reaction Paper

Reaction Papers: (20% of final grade) Students will write four reaction papers approximately a page to a page and a half long (double-spaced). Students will react to current news that relates to the topics being covered in class. The article that you choose can be on any social problem. These papers are designed to teach you how to think critically about social issues and relate them to what is covered in the course. For each paper, you will be responsible for finding a news story on the web. Good places to start would be any news website such as CNN, ABC News, Headline News, etc. Summaries should be typed with a link included to the article you chose.

Make sure to include in your summary the specific problem being discussed in the article, any causes, effects, or solutions that the article may offer, and your reaction to the article (what do you think about it, etc.). Remember that these summaries should be in your own words. If you plagiarize, you will receive a “0” for the paper. Points are taken off these papers for spelling and grammatical errors, for being too short, and for being late.