Read Chapter 6: Nominations and Elections in the required text.

Essay 2 (Part 1)

The purpose of this assignment is for you to examine your political beliefs and ideology, and then to explore the influences of political socialization in the formation of those beliefs. This assignment has two parts. Be sure to address all of the questions in your essay which will be due in Module 9.

Step 1: Before you do any research or visit any of the resources below, write a statement that explains your political beliefs and “political ideology.” Specify which political party you identify with and why. There is no wrong answer.

Step 2: Analyze where you stand by directing your browser to the following websites:

  • Pew Research Center’s Political Typology site. Choose the entitled, “Take the Quiz: See where you fit in the political typology.” Record your results. Then explore the “Analyze Groups and Issues” portion of the site to see how the Typology groups line up on major issues of the day.
  • The Political Compass. This site also analyzes your political type. Record your results and read a little more about what your results mean.

Step 3: Reflect on your reaction to each quiz. Do you think they describe your political ideology accurately? Were you surprised by the results?


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