Reading passage

cember afternoon last year, Pam Markesan looked into the New Mexico sky and saw three pulsing blue lights. The lights crossed the sky overhead, and as they did Ms. Markesan saw that they belonged to a spinning, disc-shaped craft unlike any plane she had ever seen. Inquiries with the Federal Aviation Administration showed no records of any planes or either aircraft within hundreds of miles of the Markesan property that evening.

Later that evening, on the other side of town, Alvin Mendez, 92, disappeared in his own backyard. A neighbor reported that he saw pulsing blue lights from the vicinity of Mr. Mendez’s property; as he walked out to look, he saw Mr. Mendez walking up the ramp to a giant, disc-light craft, where he was awaited by an indistinct, glowing being that, in the neighbor’s words, “could not have come from this world.” The ramp then retracted and the disc flew into the sky, blue lights skill pulsing. Mr. Mendez is still reported missing.
UFO Watchers Today contacted the local army base by phone for comment on this story, but the army spokesman refused to talk. The reporter then drove out to the base for a personal interview, but was again denied. He then took up a position on a hillside overlooking the base, and waited for nightfall. Shortly, after dusk a larger hangar on the far side of the army base opened up. Inside, the reporter saw the remains of a large, saucer-shaped craft. The damage to the craft seemed consistent with what one might expect from a missile attack.
Raffled but excited, scientist in white lab coats were inspecting the debris and pointing to the sky. Later, a pilot who was still wearing his flight suit came and spoke to one of the scientists. He gestured as he spoke. He seemed to be describing a midair battle, indicating that he had fixed a missile at an enemy. Then he pointed to the damaged portion of the saucer-like craft inside the hangar.
When UFO watchers today contacted the army base again, this time relaying startling new information about the damaged vessel in the hangar, the reporter was told to “mind his own business.”

Q. 1) Which of the following is the author’s purpose for writing the passage?
a) Entertain the reader with a fictional story about a possible UFO sighting.
b) Persuade the reader to contact the army about a possible UFO sighting
c) Provide the reader with information about a possible UFO sighting.
d) Describe to the reader what a possible UFO sighting looks like.

2) Which of the following is the best summary of the passage?