reading response


: (1) Read pages 1-102 of Ursula Le Guin’s

The Word for World is Forest


Consider the following questions:

– What descriptive language features illustrate place/location?

– Does the setting ever change? How so?

– How do the characters engage with their environment(s)?

– Does the weather impact the characters’ actions or behaviors?

– What textual features reveal time/the progression of time?

– Does the setting seem reminiscent of places that you know?

– Do you think the setting is generic or original for this genre?

(3) Once you’ve considered these questions, write 250-300 words that summarize your

understanding of the novel’s setting. Articulate a)


you think setting is significant for

the novel’s plot and its characters and b)


Le Guin establishes the setting through

expository, descriptive language.