Research Paper Gambling

Research paper. 5 paragraphs (Each body paragraph must have 2 different sources), 4 sources (listed below), with in text citation. (When citing from articles include the # of paragraph)

1- First Source (MAIN source) ( PART THREE, The Habits of Societies- 9. The Neurology of Free Will):…

2- Second Source (include any quote you find in it that supports the claim):…

3- Third Source:…

4- Fourth Source:…


The paper is about two characters, you will ONLY find the two characters in the first main source (PART THREE, The Habits of Societies- 9. The Neurology of Free Will) (YOU NEED TO READ THIS CHAPTER TO WRITE THE PAPER). The characters are Angie Bachmann and Brian Thomas . Angie Bachmann is a gambler and Brian Thomas killed his wife while sleepwalking.

You will be writing 5 paragraphs and they are:

The first paragraph will be introduction about the topic (With clear thesis and a hook).

The second paragraph is a summary about the two characters (No Quotes or Sources Included).

The third paragraph is saying that Angie is guilty with facts and quotes from the sources. (This was supposed to be an opinion and I chose Angie to be guilty.)

The fourth paragraph is saying that Brian is NOT guilty with facts and quoting from the books about sleepwalking.

The fifth paragraph is conclusion, restating the thesis, summarize the points and ending the essay in a logical way.


This paper is for ESL so no sophisticated English words and make it looks like ESL but still looks good with good punctuation and grammar.

Thank you in advance,