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Human Disease Project

Library-Media Research Project


Human Pathological Conditions in the Medical Office

  1. It must be typed and double-spaced on standard size paper with 1” margins on all sides in 12 pt. Times New Roman font in black ink only. No colored ink will be accepted. No cut and paste will be accepted.

  1. The research paper must include 7 pages. Page #1 should be the title page which includes a colored picture of your topic or relating to it. Below your picture, include your name, date, MAST 1120, and the instructor’s name (ex: instructor- Mrs. High)—all of which should be centered. Pages 2-6 should be your research information that includes at least 2 cited sources per page. No cited sources will result in a grade of 0 out of 70 possible points. (Failure to cite your sources means that your entire paper was all your work; therefore, it is not a research paper! Please type the desired information and then cite your source; however, do not cut or copy and paste. You must use at least 2 cited pieces of information from each of your 5 sources. There must be a total of 10 cited sources throughout the paper. Page 7 should be your work cited or reference page. The paper should not exceed 7 pages.

  1. Use APA format.

  1. The very first paragraph of the first page should be a very interesting eye opening introduction which includes no cited sources. The very last sentence of your first paragraph or introduction, the first, not the second or third paragraph should be your thesis statement that begins…This paper will discuss……..

  1. The last paragraph on the last information page, should begin…In conclusion… and then you state your opinions, suggestions, concerns, issues and so on. There should be no cited information located here.

Document Make Up

Cover Page


4 pg paper

Work Cited

  1. You must have at least 5 references which includes only one internet source.

  1. There should be no bullets, numbering, charts, graphs, or diagrams. Use paragraph format only.

  1. Each page should be numbered using the complete title of your paper which should be located at the top right corner as a header along with the page number. Do not use acronyms, short hand, abbreviations, or put your last or first name in the header. If your topic is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the title page should be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 1 in the header and on page 2, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 2, and so on)..