responding to paragraph Racial and Ethnic Relations, Census Update (9th Edition)

these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

Note: you should have the book know to what’s going on with these paragraphs and the book called Racial and Ethnic Relations, Census Update (9th Edition)

The First one :

I enjoyed that this chapter broke down the different subgroups of European Americans. Often, all of these groups are lumped together so it was very informative to see where they all come from. It is interesting that different groups migrated at different times, yet banded together and established superiority over those with darker skin color. I would think that the European American groups would find competition amongst one another, rather than just between others with darker colored skin. Not only did white people think they were superior based on the color of their skin, they have better physical form, reason, familial love, forethought, and ability to feel pain and grief. It is sad that the European Americans thought so poorly of the African Americans because of their skin color. Authoritative, powerful whites were basically giving property and privileges to poorer whites so that they wouldn’t band together with the blacks. I will never understand this burning hatred that the whites had for the blacks in the earlier centuries, but I am very glad with the progress we have made today, even though racism toward the African American community still exists.

The Second one :

While reading chapter 3, the first thing that amazed me was the “Anglo-Protestant Americans.” It was surprising to know that the English were not the first Europeans to come to north America, but the Spanish were. However, in today’s era, these English Americans are so blended in the background that we rarely see any of them. Another interesting fact was that in the 19th century, almost three million English migrated in the U.S. Hence; the U.S was one of the most important segments of the European migration. Later, these English immigrants moved to industries due to their skills, which caused dramatic industrialization. The industrialization caused the U.S industry to grow and surpass the Britain. Another interesting topic was the invention of the white race. The emergence of the white race appeared for the first time in North America. It was fascinating to know that the U.S founders played a significant role in making the racial frame. In this racial frame, the black Americans were slaves, and they are inferior to white Americans. Overall, after reading this chapter, it was evident to me that social hierarchy, unequal power, discrimination, and racism have been the U.S history since the 1700s. Sadly, the battles against racism and discrimination have been going on over a very extended period of time.