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My name is Marissa Mejia, I am currently majoring in nursing aspiring to be a registered nurse. My end goal of the education I am taking is to maintain good grades but most importanly understand what is being taught.

So California is one of the most expensive states to live in besides a few others. So what that means is that , cost of living is a lot more expensive . So for example the cost of gas, goes up and down with it being 10 cents more expensive. It also depends on what kind of gas your getting from what gas station. So typically, Fastrip is a little cheaper than AMPM,SHELL and Chevron. But lets look at the statistics from Fastrip from January. So from the month of january, the Unleaded 87 was sold at 2.89 for at least two weeks. It went up to 3 dollars per gallon for the unleaded 87 type. The next two weeks gas was about 2.93. The beginning of February, gas maintained their gas prices at about 3.07 up until this past week, Gas went down to 3,01 for the unleaded 87. So the central tendency came out to 2.89 for the two months of 2018.