Revision Help: Falsifie Statement Regarding Aristotle

The Soul is NOT the Cause of what Aristotle calls “Movement”

In De Anima, we are presented with the argument that the soul is the cause of movement. This is false, for it the body that creates movement and the soul is encased in it. The body creates movement by matter and substance, which is the mind. The text introduces readers to the processes of the mind. Science has proven that it is the mind that creates movement. It is also the mind, which is matter and material, which creates emotion in living things. Thoughts exist in the brain, which creates voluntary and involuntary movement. Now, if the soul is the cause of movement, then why do the bodies decay? If the soul is responsible for the body and movement, the human mind should remain continuous. The human mind would not slow down nor would the body age if the continuous motion of the soul existed. If the soul was the cause of movement, then what causes it to cease movement when there is decay? Decay of the body is caused by the discontinuation of the movement of the heart. Therefore, if the soul is the cause of movement and the movement is continuous, then the heart would not stop.

Suggested revision:

Show more clearly in the essay how your own argument falsifies the selected statement (note: not the argument) that the soul is the cause of movement. Try to start with improving your second sentence, which seems to express an incomplete thought about the relation between body and soul.