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Movie Analysis-Extra Credit Students in Psychology 1 may write two movie analyses based on movies selected from the Movie list. The analysis should be typed and at least one page. The movies have been selected for content relevant to psychological disorders and abnormalities. The movie analysis should concentrate on the characters psychological dysfunction and appropriate classification according to the DSM IV or V(online and Weiten). In some of the Movie selections this task is easier than in others. A mere review of the story line in the movie will not be sufficient. Analysis of the characters and the overall pattern of abnormality is what is required. For example in the movie “AS GOOD AS IT GETS” the main character played by Jack Nicolson is clearly OCD, explain why and how he/she meets the criteria. Each movie analysis appropriately completed will be worth 5 points extra credit. These are not movie reviews so much as analysis of the psychopathology of the character(s). Should be a minimum of 1 type written page double spaced (normal font 10/12). The list of movies is as follows:

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