sleep deprivation

ASSIGNMENT: First, choose a problematic issue in need of a solution. This doesn’t have to be a huge, world-wide problem, but it should be something public that affects enough people that you’ll be able to research it thoroughly through a variety of sources. Ideally, this problematic issue in need of a solution should be something that you’re personally interested in/affected by and that perplexes you (i.e., something that you don’t already have a solution for). It could be something from your field of study, a contemporary social issue, or something that affects a community to which you belong. You’ll be keeping this topic for the final essay in the course, so keep that in mind when choosing your topic for this essay.

Next, begin researching your topic with the goal of refining your understanding of it and resolving your perplexity. (It’s OK if you’re still a little perplexed at the end.) As you conduct your research, write an open-form, first-person, chronologically-organized narrative of how your thinking on the topic is developing. The purpose of this essay isn’t to persuade anyone of your point of view (save that for the final paper), but to bring your reader along with you through your research process as you try to understand the different points of view associated with the issue.

SOURCES: Your paper must cite at least eight sources, but you’ll probably look at many more as you develop your viewpoint on your topic. Four of these sources must be available through the FIU Library’s online resources or physical holdings. You can look at Wikipedia and things that come up on Google, but you’ll need to back those unreliable sources up with reliable ones from the library. Finally, make sure that your paper considers multiple solutions or points of view on your issue. The essential task here is to “try on” different ideas as your thinking evolves, to see which one best fits the facts as you understand them.